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Welcome to Pastor Charley's Page


"Your Discovery"

Scarcely did the vision fade
  When a quality decision you had made
To follow the Lord, fulfill the call
  Finish your course standing tall
  But the assignment God has for you to do
    Is not something for you to choose
    If it were a matter of your volition
       It would be easily polluted by selfish ambition

    Before the earths foundation, It was planned
    The portion of ground on which you were to stand
And it's not for you to decide
  The calling in which you are to abide
Equipping you with gifts and skill
     Since before you were born  His purpose to fill
  Like gold hidden beneath the earths crust
          Awaiting your discovery,committed to your trust
  So start digging through the worldly debris
        It's not your decision, but it's your Discovery